Exquisite Agamas for Sale: Enhance Your Space with Captivating Reptilian Elegance

Discover the fascination of Agamas and bring the allure of these gorgeous reptiles into your life. Our curated collection of Agamas for sale provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to beautify your home with these captivating creatures. Agamas, with their vivid colours, graceful movements, and unique personalities, are an excellent addition to the collection of any reptile enthusiast.

We understand your passion for these unique creatures at Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, which is why we’ve handpicked a variety of Agamas that are both visually attractive and healthy. Each Agama is nurtured in a painstakingly controlled environment by our dedicated team of reptile experts, ensuring their well-being and top quality.

Whether you’re an experienced reptile keeper or a novice eager to start a new pet adventure, our Agamas will captivate you with their beauty and charm. We provide a varied choice of species to fit your interests and create an awe-inspiring display, from the intriguing Red-headed Agama to the dazzling Rainbow Agama.

Place your order today and we will deliver these enthralling Agamas right to your door. You may be confident that your new companions will arrive safely, ready to bring a bit of splendour to your home or office, thanks to our secure packaging and dependable transportation.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to own these amazing creatures. Discover the magic of Agamas and turn your home into an oasis of elegance and enchantment. Buy Agamas for sale at Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop today and go on an unforgettable adventure into the world of these mesmerising reptiles!


The following is a list of our available agamas. These sun-loving lizards are extremely active and come in a variety of sizes from all over the world. If you are considering purchasing an agama lizard, keep in mind that they are largely insectivorous and can make excellent reptile pets.

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Butterfly Agama For Sale

Butterfly Agama



  • SpeciesLeiolepis guttata
  • Origin: Farm bred
  • Size: 18-24 inches
  • Natural Range: Vietnam
  • Food: Crickets and other live insects
  • Lifespan: Up to 5-8 years in captivity with proper care and setup
We are now offering some stunning Butterfly agamas at the lowest prices you'll find elsewhere on the web. Hot environments are ideal for these lizards, which feast on a wide range of insects. As adults, they grow to be around 12 inches in length. We guarantee the safe shipping of each Butterfly agama you purchase from us.
Dragon Agama For Sale

Dragon Agama

At extremely low prices, we now have available several extremely rare Dragon agamas. These reptiles have elaborate patterns, and they do well in captivity. Don't miss out; there aren't many opportunities like this one. We promise that your Dragon agama will arrive alive and well if you purchase one from us.
Red Headed Agama For Sale

Red Headed Agama

We are offering for sale a fantastic variety of Red-Headed Agama. These lizards are lovely and would make a great addition to any breeding program. They do well on a diet of insects in captivity. We promise that your lizard will arrive alive and well every time you order one from us.
Shield Tailed Agama For Sale

Shield Tailed Agama

Here at our shop, you may find rare Shield Tailed agamas at an unbeatable price. These weird tiny lizards resemble uromastyxes in appearance, right down to the blunt, spiky tail. Extremely scarce in the reptile trade. We promise that your agama will arrive alive and well if you decide to purchase one from us.
Spiderman Agama For Sale

Spiderman Agama

Some fantastically vibrant Spiderman agamas are now available. These lizards, especially the males, have the most stunning bright red and blue coloring. These lizards may devour hundreds of insects in one sitting. We guarantee the safe shipment of any Spiderman agama you purchase from us.
Tanzanian Spiny Agama For Sale

Tanzanian Spiny Agama

Beautiful Spiny agamas from Tanzania are now available. These vibrant African lizards are the perfect size and shape for keeping as pets. Men tend to have more vivid coloring than women. Our 100% live arrival guarantee applies to all agama lizard purchases.