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Short Tail Possum For Sale


Buy Short Tail Possums Online

We have 2 adorable just weaned babies in store and ready now! ************************************************************************************************* Common Name: Brazilian Short Tail Possum Scientific Name: Monodelphis General Information: Short Tail Possums originate from Brazil and neighboring countries. Average adult size is 4" - 6" plus tail.  Average lifespan in captivity is 4 years. Diet: We feed insectivore diet, mealworms and minced fruit. Price: $399.99. Permit:  No permit is required for Florida or Alabama residents!

Yawari Possum For Sale


Buy Yawari Possum Online

Common Name: Yawari Possum Price: $699.99 Permit:  A free, class 3 permit is required for Florida residents. No permit is required for Alabama residents!
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We are one of the few places you can get captive born and raised Yawari Possums in the US.  We will have more available sometime in the spring - summer of 2024, reserve yours today for just $349.99 down (pretax).  The balance of $349.99 (pre tax) will be due once they are in store. Pet Boarding: If you are purchasing a pet and unable to pickup right away, are waiting for the next transport route, or waiting for your permit to get finalized, don't worry, we won't resell your pet or cancel your purchase! There is no fee the first 5 days, and after that, it's just a minimal daily fee which helps cover the cost of caring for your pet until it's time for it to go home! Please note, starting day 6 boarding fees are charged by the week. Boarding is rounded to the following week, and no partial weeks.