Vibrant Live King Snakes for Sale – Unleash the Majesty of Nature!

With our live King Snakes for sale, you may explore the fascinating world of reptiles. These fascinating serpents have a royal presence that will captivate any nature lover. Immerse yourself in the brilliant patterns and colours of these fascinating animals as they demonstrate nature’s beauty.

Our King Snakes are meticulously bred to ensure their health, vigour, and genetic diversity. With a vast variety of intriguing morphs available, you may create a plethora of eye-catching combinations that will make any collector jealous.

But it’s not just about looks; our King Snakes also make excellent companions. They are perfect for both novices and expert snake aficionados due to their pleasant demeanour and simplicity of care. By purchasing one of our live King Snakes, you will be adding a one-of-a-kind and exceptional addition to your home or reptile collection.

You may be confident that your pleasure and the well-being of our snakes are our top priority. We rigorously package and dispatch our snakes with the utmost care and expertise, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition at your door. Our reptile specialists are always on hand to provide advice and assistance, guaranteeing a seamless transition as you welcome your new scaly pet into your life.

Embrace the beauty and grace of King Snakes and be enchanted by their charm. Order a live King Snake today and embark on an incredible experience from the comfort of your own home!


We have some fantastic king snakes for sale at very low costs. These lovely colubrids make excellent pets since they are hardy and easy to care for. When you purchase a king snake from us, we promise that it will come alive.

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Brooks KingSnake For Sale

Brooks King Snake

Many species of the Brooks King snake for sale, all of which were raised in captivity, are currently available for sale at extremely low costs from our shop. Our snakes are guaranteed to arrive alive if purchased from us.
California Kingsnake For Sale

California King Snake


Specifications ( California Kingsnake For Sale )

Beautiful, affordable, captive-bred California kingsnakes For Sale now. We have a selection of options for you to choose from, so please use the menu below to explore our many offerings. In the unlikely event that your purchased snake does not arrive alive and well, we will refund your money in full.  
  • Species: Lampropeltis californiae
  • Origin: Captive Bred in the US
  • California Kingsnake Size: Adults can reach up to 6 feet.
  • Natural Range: Native to California.
  • Food: Pinkies/frozen thawed mice
  • Lifespan: Up to 15-20 years in captivity with proper care.
Eastern Kingsnake For Sale

Eastern Chain King Snake


Specifications ( Eastern Kingsnake For Sale )

At this time, we are offering the lowest pricing anywhere on the web for excellently venomous Eastern Kingsnake for sale. This species is highly sought after for a number of reasons, one of which is its propensity to become tame really fast. They eat birds, rats, and even turtle eggs! When you purchase a snake from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.  
  • Species: Lampropeltis Getula
  • Origin: Captive Bred in the US
  • Size: Reaching between 4-6 feet as adults
  • Typical Habitat: Primarily found in marshlands. Native to Eastern United States. Ranging from New Jersey to Florida
  • Food: Frozen thawed mice and rodents
  • Lifespan: Up to 15 years in captivity with proper care
Florida King Snake For Sale

Florida King Snake

The Florida King snake is a popular species, and we have several excellent captive-bred examples, including Mosaics, for sale at very reasonable prices. Our snakes are guaranteed to arrive alive if purchased from us.
Grey Banded Kingsnake For Sale

Gray Banded King Snake

We have three beautiful Grey Banded Kingsnake for sale that were bred in captivity and are in perfect condition. Good for keeping as pets if you like reptiles. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included with every snake purchase.