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Aside from their stunning visual appeal, scorpions are also an engaging teaching tool, encouraging a greater awareness of the natural world. Immerse yourself in their environment, examine their behaviour, and learn about their significance in the ecosystem. With our complete care guide included with your purchase, you’ll have all the information and assistance you need to establish an appropriate habitat for your newest scorpion companion.

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There are about 1,800 distinct kinds of scorpions in the globe, ranging in size from tiny to enormous. Our current inventory of exotic live scorpions for sale is listed below. These invertebrates are poisonous, so handle them with caution. When you buy a scorpion from us, you can be confident that it will come alive and in good condition.

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Arizona Bark Scorpion

Arizona Bark Scorpion


Arizona Bark Scorpion Description

The Arizona Bark scorpions we have for sale are a great value. This species lives in colonies and is so resilient that it was discovered near the epicenter of U.S. nuclear bomb testing in the desert. No one under the age of 18 is permitted to purchase the most poisonous scorpions in the country. Under no circumstances should you attempt to interact with this animal. When you purchase a scorpion from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.
Asian Forest Scorpion For Sale

Asian Forest Scorpion



SCIENTIFIC NAME: (Heterometrus spinifer) DESCRIPTION: MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: 4-5" DIET: Insects HABITAT: 2 1/2 to 10-gallon tank Substrate 3 to 4 inches potting soil, vermiculite, or peat moss kept moist. ORIGIN: Asian tropical rainforests, from India to Indonesia.   At the lowest prices available online, we offer a wide variety of Asian Forest scorpions. This robust species may grow to a whopping 5-6 inches in length. They are voracious eaters, so mealtimes are always chaotic. When properly nourished, they adapt to living in groups. When you purchase a scorpion from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.
Burrowing Scorpion For Sale

Burrowing Scorpion

A number of extremely uncommon Burrowing scorpions are now available from us at bargain rates. This hardy African species can create underground tunnels about five feet deep, which it often winds around in a counter clockwise direction. If you irritate them, they will always respond with a hiss as they rub their chelicerae together. Their claws, or pedipalps, are disproportionately big. Purchasing a scorpion from us comes with a guarantee that your pet will arrive alive and well.
Hairy Desert Scorpion

Desert Hairy Scorpion


Desert Hairy Scorpion For Sale Description

Many of our Hairy Desert scorpions are available for sale at rock-bottom pricing. This invertebrate is known for its delicate hairs, which it uses to sense vibrations. Also, it is the biggest scorpion in North America, and it feeds almost exclusively on insects. When you purchase a scorpion from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.
Dictator Scorpion For Sale

Dictator Scorpion


Dictator scorpion For Sale Description

Dictator scorpion for sale are incredibly rare, yet we have them available at a price that's surprisingly reasonable. This Cameroonian species, which may grow to reach 8 inches or more in length, is among the biggest scorpions known. One of our females is shown carrying young in her stomach in the image on the left. White buffalo among scorpions, we have a small supply of them available now. Don't pass up the chance to bring this magnificent species into your home. When you purchase a scorpion from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.
Emperor Scorpion For Sale

Emperor Scorpion



The Captive Bred Emperor scorpions for sale we have available are going for a steal of a deal. At a maximum length of about 8 inches, this remarkable insect is among the biggest scorpions on Earth. They have a captive lifespan of five to eight years and will eat virtually anything that crosses their way. Purchasing a scorpion from us comes with a guarantee that your pet will arrive alive and well.  
  • Species: Pandinus imperator
  • Origin: Field Collected
  • Size: Adults can reach up to 5-9 inches.
  • Natural Range: Native to the Savannah's of West Africa.
  • Food: Vitamin dusted crickets and Dubia roaches.
  • Lifespan: Up to 6-8 years in captivity with proper care.
Flat Rock Scorpion For Sale

Flat Rock Scorpion

A couple of our Flat Rock scorpions are now available for sale at rock-bottom pricing. These arthropods are the longest scorpions ever measured. When you purchase a scorpion from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.
Florida Bark Scorpion For Sale

Florida Bark Scorpion

Florida Bark scorpions are available from us at a very reasonable price. The "Blue Scorpion," as it is called in Cuba, has made its way to Florida. They may grow to a length of six inches and have birth to thirty-five healthy offspring. Because of their social nature, members of this species may peacefully share the same habitat. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included in the price of every scorpion you purchase from us.
Olive Keeled Flat Rock Scorpion For Sale

Olive Keeled Flat Rock Scorpion

At this time, we have a number of Olive Keeled Flat Rock scorpions for sale at deeply discounted rates. Females are shorter than males, yet both sexes of this invertebrate are the longest scorpions on Earth. Their flat bodies enable them to squeeze into tight spaces. When you purchase a scorpion from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.
Tanzanian Three Striped Scorpion For Sale

Tanzanian Three Striped Scorpion For Sale

We sell the Tanzanian Three-Spotted scorpion at bargain pricing. This Tanzanian invertebrate is on the aggressive side, despite its very modest size. When you purchase a scorpion from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.
Wahlberg's Burrowing Scorpion For Sale

Wahlberg’s Burrowing Scorpion For Sale

We have a large number of Wahlbergs Burrowing scorpions available for sale. The Tri-color is another name for this South African invertebrate, which is of medium size. When you purchase a scorpion from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.

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At Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, we take pride in providing high-quality scorpions and exceptional customer service. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your scorpion purchase:

  1. Diverse Selection: We offer a diverse range of scorpion species, each with its own unique characteristics and colors. Whether you’re interested in the popular Emperor Scorpion or the vibrant Arizona Bark Scorpion, we have a variety of options to suit every scorpion enthusiast’s preferences.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To provide you with further information, here are some frequently asked questions about purchasing scorpions from Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop:

1. Are scorpions dangerous?
While scorpions have a reputation for being venomous, not all species are highly dangerous to humans. It’s important to research the specific species you are interested in and understand their venom potency. Many scorpions available for sale are relatively harmless and their stings are comparable to that of a bee or wasp.

2. What do scorpions eat?
Scorpions are carnivorous and primarily feed on insects, spiders, and other small arthropods. In captivity, they can be fed a diet of appropriately sized live prey, such as crickets, mealworms, and small roaches. It’s important to provide a varied diet to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

3. How do I set up a suitable habitat for my scorpion?
Creating a suitable habitat for your scorpion is crucial for its well-being. It should include a properly sized enclosure with appropriate substrate, hiding spots, and a shallow water dish for drinking. The temperature and humidity levels should be maintained according to the specific requirements of the species you choose.

4. Can I handle my pet scorpion?
Handling scorpions is not recommended for beginners or inexperienced individuals. While some species have a milder venom, it’s always best to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary risks. Enjoy observing your scorpion from a safe distance and provide them with a secure and enriched environment.

5. What is the shipping process for purchasing scorpions online?
When you purchase a scorpion from Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, we take utmost care in packaging and shipping to ensure the safety of your pet. We work with trusted shipping partners who specialize in live animal transportation. Your scorpion will be securely packaged and sent with appropriate temperature control measures to ensure a smooth and safe journey to your doorstep.


If you’re ready to embark on the exciting journey of owning a scorpion, Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop is here to fulfill your desires. With our diverse selection, commitment to quality, and expert guidance, we strive to make your scorpion ownership experience a memorable one. Browse through our online shop at Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop and find the perfect scorpion to join your collection today!