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Baby Libyan Striped Weasel

  • “Libyan Striped Weasel”
  • Ictonyx libycus
  • Captive Bred
  • Males And Females Available
  • Approximately 6 – 7 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
  • Gorgeous Animals Coming With Black And White Fur Looking Like An Adorable Long Skunk
  • Weaning Off Of Formula, Will Feed On Commercial Dry Food, Insects, etc. (Carnivorous)


These Field Collected Cuscus Are About 24 Inches In Total Length.

Domestic Rabbit For Sale


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Lifestyle: Diurnal Habitat: Grassland Diet: Herbivorous Care Level: Beginner Rabbits have been domestic pets for over 200 years now, showing just how much people love these fluffy creatures. Rabbits are easy to care for and make terrific house pets just like cats or dogs. Rabbits are full of personality and show a broad range of emotions to their owners making their needs easier to understand. If you have the proper time and space to commit to a house rabbit of your own, you surely won't regret it!


  • Pachyuromys duprasi
  • Captive Bred
  • Approximately 4 – 6 Inches In Length 
  • Great Pets That Are Very Gentle And Easy To Care For
  • Beautiful, Soft, Tan And White Coats
  • Feeding On Seeds, Fruits, Vegetables And Occasional Insects

Hairless Guinea Pig For Sale

Original price was: $180.00.Current price is: $160.00.

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  • Life span – 4-8 years
  • Diet- Herbivore; carrots, cucumber
  • Length –  8-10 IN or 20-25 cm

Kune Kune Pig For Sale

Original price was: $699.99.Current price is: $299.99.

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Product Details
Incredibly intelligent, amazingly sweet, and won't root up your yard!  Adult size is 120 lbs - 300 lbs.

Kusimanse Mongoose For Sale

Original price was: $2,499.99.Current price is: $1,999.99.

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Common Name: Kusimanse Mongoose Scientific Name: Crossarchus Obscurus General Information: They are a small, diurnal member of the Mungotinae.  If socialized from early on, they will stay incredibly sweet! Average lifespan of 10 years!  Adult size, up to 2.2 lbs and 13" long. Diet: Omnivores, but more on the carnivore side.  We feed a small amount of vegetables, fruit as treats, insects, eggs, and raw meat. Price: Normally, $2,499.99 SALE PRICE, $1,999.99 Permit:  A free, class 3 permit is required for Florida residents.

Least Weasel

  • Mustela nivalis
  • Indigenous To Eurasia And Much Of North America And North Africa
  • Adults Are Ranging In Various Sizes 4 – 15 Inches In Total Length
  • With Proper Care These Weasels Can Live 5 – 6 Years In Captivity
  • A Fairly Solitary Species These Small Mammals Bond Well With Their Owners And Will Actually Change Coat Length And Color As The Seasons Change

Lesser Tenrecs For Sale


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Common Name: Lesser Tenrec Scientific Name: Echinops Telfairi General Information: Lesser Tenrecs originate from Madagascar.  They are rare in the US.  Although they look similar to a Hedgehog, they are completely unrelated.  Their closest relatives are Elephants, Aardvars and Manatees. They are primarily nocturnal animals, but normally don't mind being held during the day as long as given an appropriate amount of rest inbetween.  They are naturally gentle and easy to handle. The average lifespan is 15 years.  Adult size is 4.5" - 7" Fun fact, Tenrecs are given sand baths! Diet: Tenrecs are insectivores.  We feed our Hedgehog blend which is only available through our store.  We also offer mealworms and crickets. Price: $499.99. Permit:  A free, class 3 permit is required for Florida residents.  No permit is required for Alabama residents!

Libyan Striped Weasel

  • “Libyan Striped Weasel”
  • Ictonyx libycus
  • Farm Bred
  • Males And Females Available
  • Females Are Proven Breeders
  • Approximately 20 – 24 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
  • Adults Are Ranging In Length From 20 – 24 Inches From Head To Tail
  • Feeding On Small Rodents (Ready To Move Over To Packaged Diet)


  • Indigenous To Southern Africa Ranging From DRC, Kenya, And As Far South As South Africa
  • With Proper Care This Species Can Live 5 – 7 Years In Captivity
  • Used To Living In Savannah Styled Habitats And Scrubland These Are Well Established Little Critters
  • Gorgeous Animals Coming With Black And White Fur Looking Like An Adorable Long Skunk

Miniature Pig For Sale


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Lifestyle: Diurnal Habitat: Domestic/Terrestrial Diet: Omnivorous Care Level: Intermediate There is no such thing as tea cup or micro pigs but miniature pigs are real! The term miniature pig does not refer to an animal we think is small but rather a pig that is small when compared to the average barn yard pig. With proper care, diet, and exercise miniature pigs will remain a manageable size, however poor care will result in oversized and overweight pigs. As pets pigs are every bit as good as owning a dog and then some! They are about as smart as a human three year old and they love attention and interaction. If you are looking for a house pet and the idea of a dog is to normal, consider a miniature pig!