Vibrant Camouflage Artists: Live Exotic Chameleons for Sale Online

With our assortment of Live Exotic Chameleons, you may experience the enchanting attraction of nature’s living creations. With their kaleidoscope of colours and unparalleled versatility, these captivating animals will fascinate and enchant you.

Our hand-picked collection includes a wide range of chameleon species, each with their own distinct combination of colours and patterns. Enjoy their ability to blend in with their surroundings as they change colour, exposing their real beauty.

Whether you’re a seasoned reptile fan or a first-time chameleon owner, these charming critters are an excellent addition to your exotic pet collection. They add a sense of amazement to any living area with their unique beauty and serene demeanour.

Our skilled staff has attentively cared for each chameleon we provide, assuring their health and vibrancy. We take pleasure in supplying you with chameleons that are ready to thrive in their new surroundings, from their sensitive food requirements to their optimum habitat circumstances.

With our Live Exotic Chameleons, you can now bring the appeal of the wild into your house. Unlock the enchantment of their ever-changing colours and see for yourself the creativity that nature has given on these remarkable animals. Purchase your bright camouflage artists now and go on an enthralling quest to possess one of nature’s greatest marvels. Order today and your very own chameleon will be delivered directly to your home.

These lizards are very impressive because of their purposeful rhythmic movement and ability to catch insects with tongues twice their body length. We exclusively sell highly healthy chameleons, including captive-bred and imported varieties.

When you buy a chameleon from us, you get a 7-day live arrival guarantee. We also have an amazing chameleon care document that we’ve created based on our many years of exceptional experience with these lizards.

Remember to obtain some Miner-All calcium powder for your chameleon—it’s the only human-grade calcium supplement available, and we use it exclusively in all of our breeding programmes.

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Antimena Chameleon for Sale

Antimena Chameleon

Here's your chance to get an exotic Antimena chameleon at rock-bottom prices. With its wide flat snout and spiky dorsal crest, this species is in great demand. This species is quite uncommon in the reptile hobby, although it does well with UVB illumination and a basking bulb. The capabilities of adults are beyond amazing. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included at no extra cost when you purchase a lizard from us.
Carpet Chameleon for Sale

Carpet Chameleon

At extremely low costs, we now have a number of stunning Carpet chameleons available. The length of these stunningly gorgeous Madagascar lizards seldom exceeds 8 inches. A stunningly beautiful species that commands a premium price on the market. Beautiful men and women exist in equal numbers. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included with every chameleon purchase.
desert side striped chameleon

Desert Side Striped Chameleon

Inexpensive Desert Side Striped Chameleons are now available. Species of this kind can be found on Mount Kilimanjaro up to around 2,000 meters in altitude. They are lizards that carry their young alive and devour insects. They are highly gentle and adapt well to captivity. Our 100% live arrival guarantee applies to all purchases of Desert Side Striped chameleons.
Dwarf Fischer's Chameleon for Sale

Dwarf Fischer’s Chameleon



We are selling several Dwarf Fischer's chameleons at a very reasonable price. This species maintains a size and temperament that make it easy to handle. They exhibit a wide spectrum of hues, from lime green to blood red, and make intriguing pets. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included at no extra cost when you purchase a lizard from us.
  • Species: Kinyongia boehmei
  • Origin: Farm Raised
  • Size: Adults reaching up to 4-8 inches
  • Natural Range: Africa. Kenya within the the mountainous regions
  • Food: Live insects
  • Lifespan: Up to 8 years in captivity with proper care
Elephant Eared Chameleon for Sale

Elephant Eared Chameleon

Elephant ear chameleons are extremely rare, and we have a limited number of them available at a bargain price. These Madagascar animals thrive in captivity, feed well, and can create a rainbow of hues (from yellow to green to red). Its moniker comes from the fact that they can put on quite a show by flaring out their ear flaps. The "Short-horned chameleon" is another name for this chameleon. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included at no extra cost when you purchase a lizard from us.
Elliot's Chameleon for Sale

Elliots Chameleon

We are now offering extremely rare Elliot's chameleon for sale. The adult length of this species averages about 10 inches, and it feeds almost exclusively on insects. We provide a 100% live arrival guarantee on all Elliot's chameleon purchases.
Fischer's Chameleon for Sale

Fischer’s Chameleon

Fischer's chameleons are fantastic, and we have some for sale at a price that won't break the bank. These gorgeous reptiles originate in Tanzania, where they may grow to a respectable size. When cared for properly, this species is as sturdy as they come and may survive for decades. Because of their amiable natures and striking looks, chameleons are among our favorite animals. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included at no extra cost when you purchase a lizard from us.
Flap Neck Chameleon for Sale

Flapneck Chameleon

Beautiful flapneck chameleons may be purchased. This type of lizard from Africa may reach a respectable size. The pliability of the neck flaps sets them out as a unique species. The common name for this bird comes from the vivid and entertaining displays of the bird's neck. When you buy a lizard from us, you get our no-hassle, 100% live arrival guarantee at no extra cost.
Four Horned Chameleon For Sale

Four Horned Chameleon

Exceptional Four-Horned Chameleons are rare, but we have a limited number of them available at a fair price. These Cameroonian treasures are widely sought after by herp enthusiasts because to their rarity, exceptional horns, and towering dorsal crest. The average length of these creatures, which are known as "Quads," is 14 inches, and they subsist mostly on different insects. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included at no extra cost with the purchase of any Four Horned Chameleon.
Giant Fischers Chameleon for sale

Giant Fischers Chameleon

We are offering for sale several extremely rare Giant Fischer's chameleons. This species is so uncommon that it is only imported every few years; it comes from just one forest in Tanzania. Their large size and ridiculously long tails have earned them the nickname "Giant Monkey-Tailed Fischer's" chameleon. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included at no extra cost when you purchase a lizard from us.
Giant Spiny Chameleon for Sale

Giant Spiny Chameleon



We are offering some stunning Giant Spiny chameleons at the lowest rates you'll find anywhere online. Males of this Madagascan species may grow to a whopping 22–24 inches in length, making them one of the world's biggest chameleons. This chameleon has the potential to grow to a hefty size. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included at no extra cost when you purchase a lizard from us.
  • Species: Furcifer verrucosus
  • Origin: Field Collected
  • Size: Adults reaching up to 22 inches
  • Natural Range: Madagascar
  • Food: Live insects
  • Lifespan: Up to 5-10 years in captivity with proper care
Graceful Chameleon For Sale

Graceful Chameleon

The Graceful chameleons we provide are in good health. These lizards are brought in from Central Africa and may grow up to 15 inches long. They may produce a lot of eggs at once, and their displays of territorial zeal are eye-catching. When you purchase a Graceful chameleon from us, you can rest assured that it will arrive alive and well.

Buy Chameleons for Sale Online at Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop

Welcome to the Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, your ultimate destination for buying chameleons online. We take pride in offering a wide variety of chameleons for sale, providing reptile enthusiasts with the opportunity to own these fascinating creatures. With our commitment to quality and excellent customer service, we strive to make your experience of buying chameleons online a memorable one.

Why Choose Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop?

At Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, we understand the unique needs of reptile lovers and aim to fulfill them by providing healthy and well-cared-for chameleons. Here are some reasons why you should choose us for your chameleon purchase:

  1. Wide Selection: We offer a diverse range of chameleon species, including Veiled Chameleons, Panther Chameleons, Jackson’s Chameleons, and more. Each species has its own unique characteristics and colors, allowing you to find the perfect chameleon that suits your preferences.
  2. Quality Assurance: We prioritize the health and well-being of our chameleons. All our chameleons are bred and raised in a controlled environment, ensuring their optimal health and vitality. We work closely with experienced reptile breeders who follow ethical practices to ensure the highest quality of chameleons.
  3. Convenience: Buying chameleons online from our shop offers convenience and saves you the hassle of searching for a local pet store. With just a few clicks, you can explore our collection, choose your desired chameleon, and have it delivered right to your doorstep.
  4. Expert Guidance: Our team of reptile experts is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We provide detailed information about each chameleon species, including their care requirements, habitat setup, and feeding guidelines. We are committed to helping you create a suitable environment for your new chameleon.
  5. Secure Shipping: We understand the importance of safe shipping when it comes to live animals. We have established reliable shipping methods to ensure that your chameleon arrives in excellent condition. We use insulated packaging and temperature-controlled containers to protect your chameleon during transit.

Our Selection of Lizards for Sale

At Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, we offer a diverse range of lizards for sale. Here are some of the popular lizard categories you can explore on our website:

Each category contains a variety of species, ensuring that you can find the perfect lizard to suit your interests and preferences.

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At Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, our pet reptiles are of the highest quality. Our Chameleons For Sale are captive bred. We’re passionate about our products, and we always strive to provide our customers with the best in both selection and quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To provide you with more information, here are some frequently asked questions about buying chameleons online:

1. Are chameleons suitable pets for beginners?
Chameleons require specific care and attention, making them more suitable for experienced reptile owners. Their unique needs include proper humidity levels, UVB lighting, and a well-maintained enclosure. If you are a beginner, we recommend researching and familiarizing yourself with chameleon care before making a purchase.

2. How do I choose the right chameleon species for me?
Each chameleon species has its own requirements and characteristics. Consider factors such as size, coloration, and temperament when choosing a chameleon. Additionally, research the specific care needs of each species to ensure you can provide the necessary environment for your chosen chameleon.

3. What should I consider when setting up a chameleon enclosure?
Creating a suitable habitat for your chameleon is crucial for its well-being. Factors to consider include temperature gradients, humidity levels, proper lighting (including UVB), and appropriate foliage for climbing and hiding. Research the specific requirements of your chameleon species to create an ideal enclosure.

4. How often do chameleons need to be fed?
Chameleons are insectivores and require a diet primarily consisting of live insects. The frequency of feeding depends on the age and species of your chameleon. Generally, adult chameleons are fed every other day, while juveniles may require daily feedings. It is essential to provide a varied diet to ensure proper nutrition.

5. What is the shipping process for chameleons?
When you purchase a chameleon from our online shop, we take utmost care in shipping it to you safely. We use insulated packaging and temperature-controlled containers to maintain optimal conditions during transit. Our shipping methods are designed to minimize stress and ensure the well-being of the chameleon upon arrival.


If you are looking to buy chameleons online, the Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop is your go-to destination. With our wide selection, quality assurance, expert guidance, and secure shipping, we strive to provide you with a seamless and satisfying experience. Explore our collection today and bring home a captivating chameleon to enhance your reptile family.