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Amber Corn Snake For Sale

Amber Corn Snake For Sale


Buy Amber Corn Snake Online

Amel Palmetto Corn Snake For Sale

Amel Palmetto Corn Snake For Sale


Buy Amel Palmetto Corn Snake Online

Anery Cornsnake For Sale
Angolan Python For Sale

Angolan Python



We have really cheap prices on rare Angolan python for sale. This species is related to the ball python and can grow up to six feet long. One reason they are so rare is that there was a civil war in Angola for 30 years. When you buy a python from us, you get our 100% guarantee that it will arrive alive.
Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake For Sale

Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake

Awesome, reasonably priced, captive-bred Apricot Pueblan milk snakes are now available. Guaranteed to arrive alive is included at no extra cost when you purchase a snake from us.
Baird's Rat Snake For Sale

Bairds Rat Snake

We provide a wide variety of Baird's Rat snakes for sale at the most competitive pricing anywhere on the web. This type of snake is native to the United States and may grow to be between 2 and 5 feet long. Although rodents make up the bulk of their diet, they will also eat birds and lizards if given the chance. Our 100% live arrival guarantee is included at no extra cost with the purchase of any rat snake.
Baja California King Snake For Sale

Baja California King Snake For Sale


Buy Baja California King Snake Online

Ball Python For Sale | In Stock Now, Don't Miss - Exotic Pet Reptiles For Sale

Ball Python

We have some Ball Pythons that were raised in captivity for sale at very low prices. This is one of the most popular snakes to keep as a pet in the world, mostly because they are calm and have pretty patterns. This species is from Central Africa and is also called the Royal python. Their name comes from the fact that they can roll into a tight ball as a way to protect themselves. Order one today to see what all the fuss is about. When you buy a ball python from us, you get our 100% guarantee that it will arrive alive. Don't forget to buy your new snake some frozen mice to eat.
Banana Mojave Ball Python For Sale

Banana Mojave Ball Python For Sale


Buy Banana Mojave Ball Python Online

Banana Mojave Spider Ball Python For Sale

Banana Mojave Spider Ball Python For Sale


Buy Banana Mojave Spider Ball Python Online

Banana Piebald Ball Python For Sale

Banana Piebald Ball Python For Sale


Buy Banana Piebald Ball Python Online


Beauty Rat Snake for Sale


Buy Beauty Rat Snake Elaphe taeniura

We have some awesome Beauty Rat snakes for sale at really low prices. This highly sought-after semi-arboreal species generally reaches lengths of 5' to 7'. When you buy a rat snake from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

Buy Snakes for Sale Online at Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop

Welcome to Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, the ultimate destination for purchasing snakes online. If you’re a snake enthusiast and looking to add a new slithering companion to your collection, you’ve come to the right place. Our online shop offers a wide variety of snakes for sale, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect snake to suit your preferences.

Our Selection of Snakes for Sale

At Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, we offer a diverse range of snakes for sale. Here are some of the popular snake categories you can explore on our website:

Each category contains a variety of species, ensuring that you can find the perfect snake to suit your interests and preferences.

Buy Bulk Live Exotic Pet Snakes From Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop

At Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, our pet reptiles are of the highest quality. Our Snakes For Sale are captive bred. We’re passionate about our products, and we always strive to provide our customers with the best in both selection and quality.

We have become known as an industry leader when it comes to quality reptiles and reptile supplies online. Finding quality reptiles for sale is only the first step in your search for the perfect exotic pet. Now that you have found us you will be happy to know we offer a live arrival guarantee, our animals (Crocodilians for saleFeeder insects for saleFeeder lizards for saleFrogs for saleInsects for saleLizards for saleNewts for saleSalamanders for saleScorpions for saleSnakes for saleTarantulas for saleToads for saleTortoises for saleTurtles for sale, Fish for sale, Small Mammals for sale, Tropical Birds for sale) are healthy, pest free, and properly sexed.

Want to learn more about our pet reptiles or have a question about payment options? Our customer service team is here to help. Whether you’re in the United States (USA), Canada, Australia, India, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Russia, France, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Philippines  Indonesia or the United Kingdom(UK), we have you covered. Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop provides discounts on bulk orders. So, what are you waiting for? order our Live Exotic Pet Snakes For Sale and experience first-hand quality service, prompt response and quick shipping. When you buy a Snakes from us, you can be sure it will come alive and in good condition.

Why Choose Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop?

At Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, we take pride in providing high-quality snakes and exceptional customer service. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your snake purchase:

  1. Wide Selection: We offer a diverse range of snake species, each with its own unique characteristics, colors, and patterns. Whether you’re interested in the popular Ball Python, the vibrant Corn Snake, or the majestic Boa Constrictor, we have a variety of options to cater to every snake lover’s preferences.
  2. Healthy and Ethical Practices: We prioritize the well-being of our snakes and ensure that they are raised in a healthy and ethical environment. Our snakes are sourced from reputable breeders who follow responsible breeding practices, ensuring that you receive a healthy and well-adjusted pet.
  3. Convenience: Shopping for snakes online provides the convenience of browsing and purchasing from the comfort of your own home. Our user-friendly website allows you to easily navigate through our collection, read detailed descriptions, and make a secure purchase with just a few clicks.
  4. Expert Guidance: Our team of experts is knowledgeable about snakes and their care. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on the proper care and habitat setup for your snake. We are passionate about these amazing creatures and are dedicated to ensuring that you have a positive and rewarding experience as a snake owner.
  5. Secure Shipping: We understand the importance of safe and reliable shipping when it comes to live animals. We take every precaution to ensure that your snake arrives at your doorstep in excellent condition. We use specialized packaging and work with trusted shipping partners to guarantee a stress-free delivery process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To provide you with further information, here are some frequently asked questions about purchasing snakes from Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop:

1. Are snakes dangerous?
While snakes can be intimidating to some people, not all snake species are dangerous. It’s important to research the specific species you are interested in and understand their temperament and venom potency. Many snakes available for sale are non-venomous and make great pets with proper care and handling.

2. What do snakes eat?
Snakes are carnivorous and primarily feed on rodents, such as mice and rats. In captivity, it’s important to provide them with a diet that mimics their natural feeding habits. We offer a variety of frozen and live feeder rodents to ensure your snake receives a well-balanced diet.

3. How do I set up a suitable habitat for my snake?
Creating a suitable habitat for your snake is crucial for its well-being. It should include a properly sized enclosure with appropriate substrate, hiding spots, and temperature gradients. The specific requirements may vary depending on the species of snake you choose, and our experts can guide you in setting up the ideal habitat.

4. Can I handle my pet snake?
Handling snakes can be a rewarding experience, but it’s important to handle them with care and respect. Some snakes are more tolerant of handling than others, and it’s best to start with species known for their docile nature, such as Ball Pythons. Always ensure that you have clean hands and handle your snake gently to avoid causing stress or injury.

5. What is the shipping process for purchasing snakes online?
When you purchase a snake from Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop, we take utmost care in packaging and shipping to ensure the safety of your pet. We work with trusted shipping partners who specialize in live animal transportation. Your snake will be securely packaged and sent with appropriate temperature control measures to ensure a smooth and safe journey to your doorstep.


If you’re ready to bring home a fascinating and captivating snake, Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop is here to fulfill your desires. With our wide selection, commitment to quality, and expert guidance, we strive to make your snake ownership experience a memorable one. Browse through our online shop at Exotic Pet Reptiles Shop and find the perfect snake to join your collection today!